A Beginners Guide to Dentures

Getting dentures can be an intimidating decision to make. From prices to procedure, we know there’s a lot to consider and quality can’t be compromised when it comes to your teeth. The best dentists are transparent and supportive from the first appointment to the last. We’re here to answer your questions about new or replacement dentures for the easiest process possible. 

What are dentures?

Dentures are synthetic teeth on a removable frame custom fitted for your mouth to replace lost or missing teeth. Primarily, dentures can be divided into two categories. Full dentures are a complete replacement of teeth when most or all are lost or missing due to decay, gum disease or other circumstances, while partial dentures replace only a few teeth, or in some cases, just one tooth. Every patient is different, and your dentist will help you choose what type of dentures are best for you. 

How long does the denture process take?

Great work takes time–your dentist should manage your timeline expectations properly. Be sure to discuss follow-up appointments and replacement denture scheduling with your dentist before you begin for the most effective and efficient process possible. Keep in mind that each denture appointment requires a reasonable amount of time to ensure the best results.

What are your expectations for your dentures?

Great dental work starts with establishing patient goals, and the most experienced dentists know how to make them a reality. Be aware that each case is different, and while some desires may be met in entirety, others may not be possible. Find a dentist who is confident in their ability to fulfill your expectations with precision and practicality.  

How much do dentures cost?

To avoid loose dentures or unsatisfactory results, it’s essential to establish a budget and find the best dentist for you, not the cheapest. Consider the value of high-quality labs, equipment, and safety when setting your budget. The right dentist will work with you to finance your dentures to ensure satisfaction without compromising your experience or the final results. 

Every patient has a different and unique set of circumstances. What is attainable for one person may not be feasible for another. The best dental offices work diligently to achieve outstanding results with affordable dentures for all their patients and have the experience to guarantee exceptional dental work.

At Masterpiece Dental Studio, your comfort is our highest priority. With over 30 years of practice, Dr. Frank J. Vascimini and his staff offer in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to deliver exceptional dental procedures and an unmatched quality of experience. Masterpiece Dental Studio is the premier dental care facility in Citrus County, Florida. Whether you are calling from Crystal River, Lecanto, Inverness, Beverly Hills, Dunnellon, Citrus Hills, Citrus Springs, or right here in Homosassa, Dr. Vascimini and his team can schedule an appointment to meet your needs. 

Masterpiece Dental StudioA Beginners Guide to Dentures

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