For the Best Dental Care, Know Your Options

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” 

When Dr. Frank Vascimini moved into his first apartment with his wife, Rita, they didn’t know what aspects of the property they might have to fix. Dr. Vascimini faced a similar circumstance when he opened his general dentistry office in Citrus County, Florida as he was unsure of what type of work the building might need. Additionally, when Dr. Vascimini leased some property for a camp, he again faced uncertainty regarding what might need fixing up.

So what did he do? In each of these scenarios, Dr. Vascimini assembled a toolbox. The more tools, the better, just to prepare for all the possibilities.

The Influx of Dental Implants

In today’s dental community, there is a considerable increase in marketing for dental implants. The flashy ads and specialty clinics portray them as a sexy, simple solution to all of your dental problems. Dental implants are a perfectly viable option, and they do work. In fact, today’s implants are more predictable and deliver better results than ever before. However, it’s important to know all of your options given your particular circumstance before you make your dental restoration choice. 

The influx in popularity and marketing of dental implants has left patients feeling limited in terms of solutions for damaged or decaying teeth. Even young patients become determined to replace each tooth with dental implants one by one as issues arise because they have been instructed that implants are the best course of action with skewed information. 

The truth is, patients often seek help from a general dentistry practice only after a specialty clinic has persuaded them to undergo dental implant surgery. Dr. Vascimini, himself, has seen several patients that are extremely frustrated and unsatisfied with their dental implants, only to discover that preoperative X-rays indicate other possible solutions. Frequently, the natural tooth is salvageable, and a root canal, post, and crown would completely resolve the issue. This procedure is also much less expensive.

Benefits of General Dentistry

A general dentist, such as Dr. Vascimini at Masterpiece Dental Studio, offers patients a full toolbox of dental expertise. Typically, a general dentist will first review your current dental health and give you several options to consider. From there, the doctor will share his opinion on which might be the better or worse course of action and discuss the long-term effects of each. If you do, in fact, need a dental implant, your dentist will most likely work closely with a distinguished oral surgeon. Your general dentist may even place the dental implant himself.  You may have more options than you think. 

Dr. Vascimini knows the importance of proper preparation and education for his patients. As his brother and nephew, Mike and Michael of Vascimini Woodworking, understand, the more tools in your toolbox, the better. For the best dental care, it is essential to talk with your dentist to know and understand your options, remain properly informed,  and discuss the alternatives to uncover the ideal solution.  

At Masterpiece Dental Studio, your comfort is our highest priority. With over 30 years in practice, Dr. Frank J. Vascimini and his staff offer in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to deliver exceptional dental procedures and an unmatched quality of experience. Masterpiece Dental Studio is the premier dental care facility in Citrus County, Florida. Whether you are calling from Crystal River, Lecanto, Inverness, Beverly Hills, Dunnellon, Citrus Hills, Citrus Springs, or right here in Homosassa, Dr. Vascimini and his team can schedule an appointment to meet your needs.

Masterpiece Dental StudioFor the Best Dental Care, Know Your Options

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